May Long Weekend…

I can’t believe we’re half way through May!  And June is only a couple weeks away.  The year is flying by.  It’s May Long weekend and the sun is shining.  It could be warmer (+15 right now) but I’ll take it after the miserable last few months,

Anyway, I’m here at work and I got the following Outlook reminder pop up:



I told myself that I would start putting gym time in my calendar to ensure I made it.  So far this week, I haven’t made it to the work gym and today I actually can!  So I’m excited but at the same time I’m trying to convince myself to take it easy today and enjoy the weekend. hehe…  today’s workout is:

Day 2: FSQ int %’s + CL mod + OHS + Rowing Map

A) Front Squat @70% 5 X 5 / 3:00 Rest

B) Hang Power Clean – Build to Tough Single in 10:00

     – Rest as needed, Not a Max

C) Over Head Squat @33X1 3 Reps X 3 / 90s

     – Slow, controlled. Get comfortable with the bar overhead.

D) Row 1:00 @ High Intensity / Rest 1:00 X 7 

I actually like all the exercises, even the row. 

I should probably go.. pack up my laptop and just go workout.

Getting this workout in would be the perfect start to the long weekend.

Okay, it’s settled.

I’m going!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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