Struggling to get back on track..

So last week I made the decision to postpone the renewal of my Crossfit membership.  Definitely a hard decision considering Crossfit Regionals have just started and I spent some time watching the Canada West Regionals.  Is was so inspiring!  That being said, I still couldn’t justify the cost of the membership, with the lack of consistency making it to the WODs.  I still want to continue my Crossfit training, so I purchased a monthly customized workout plan which I hope to follow using my work gym.  When I read the workout program I was very excited because the included exercises will help build that foundation while learning and strengthening my Olympic lifting techniques.  My original plan was to start the program yesterday but that didn’t happen.  Then I planned on going to the gym today, and brought all my workout gear to work.  I just couldn’t get away from my desk.  Probably won’t happen either tomorrow 😦

I’ll try though.. we’ll see what happens.  It really is frustrating but I can’t beat myself up for not making it.  Work is just kicking my butt! 

Definitely looking forward to the long weekend.  Not sure if we’re going anywhere but even a few days of taking it easy will be nice and much needed.

Back to work for me.. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m still alive.. hanging in there.  


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