Back from vacation…

and I definitely need another .. more relaxing… vacation!

Disney definitely kept us running around all day and left me exhausted!  It’s a good thing we returned to a long weekend (Good Friday was a stat holiday) because I really needed to catch up on my sleep.

I managed to make it out to a Saturday morning WOD, which included a 1-mile run which I was not prepared for.  The foundation group at my box were finishing up their testing week and they definitely posted some big numbers and new PRs, which is always exciting to see.  The one mile run is part of their testing, so everyone did it but I wasn’t running for time.  I did finish the mile (actually 1.1 mile) in 9mins 42secs.  Could have been faster but there was still ice on the side walks which forced me to walk a short distance.

2 days later and my legs are still sore from the 1 mile run, just an indication that I need to start running regularly, especially if I plan on running a 1/2 marathon in mid-June.  The weather is finally warming up so I should make it out for runs on the weekend.

Eating while on vacation has been pretty horrible.  There was quite a bit of fried foods.. french fries especially.. it seems like fries were the side of choice.  Although I always brought fruit with us to snack on, there was still potato chips and muffins.. fish n chips and crab cakes.. pizza.. 

And I can feel it and see it in my body 😦

But I’m trying to get back on track today.

i think it will still be a challenge but I’ll keep working on it..  and I can’t wait to be back in the gym 4-5 times a week…


3 thoughts on “Back from vacation…

  1. cathyo says:

    don’t feel too bad…i wasn’t on vacation and ate like crap for the last few weeks. hoping to get back on track today…although I did have a latte with my kid as a treat for him having to get glasses today. poor kid…braces last week, glasses this week…just what a 14 year old wants! we did get him contacts so hopefully that makes the whole glasses thing a bit easier. he can wear contacts at school and then put his glasses on when he gets home.

    • j!b says:

      I gave in and had a latte too… needed more caffeine to make it through the day. Overall the day wasn’t horrible but I still feel bad about my choices. I feel like I need to be very careful that I don’t go back to an unhealthy relationship with food and feeling bad for indulging a bit.
      I hope the contacts work out. My daughter got glasses a couple weeks ago and she isn’t thrilled about it either.

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