Some days will be good… Others… Not

Yesterday wasn’t a very good day. It was daylight savings and time to move our clocks forward which meant we lost an hour of sleep. I got to work later than I had originally planned and work was just stressful and I found myself having hash browns for breakfast. Yup totally emotional eating. Not good.
I made it through the day and my focus was on 14.2 specifically getting that single rep of a 65# overhead snatch. Luckily the WOD for the day included snatches, clean and jerks and back squats. It wasn’t a good sign when I struggled with the snatches. Couldn’t even comfortably get 45# overhead. It was very frustrating. So I didn’t even try for a 65# overhead squat.
I’m definitely bummed about it but still looking forward to 14.3

Today was a better day and consisted of an awesome WOD:
8 intervals – 2 minutes active, 2 minutes rest
(Work through the following )

50 box jumps (20″)
50 single arm kettlebell swings
50 walking lunges
50 sit ups
.5 mile air dyne
50 push press (35#)
50 burpees
50 double unders
50 wall balls (14#)
250m row

I made it through to the double unders. My shoulders were on fire. The burpees were definitely the toughest. But I survived. My legs are still sore from the squats yesterday. So glad that tomorrow is a rest day.

Whole 30 isn’t going very well. But I’m going to try again. Work stress is definitely making this challenge tougher for me. I’m prepared with my meals but still indulged in non-compliant foods.

Looking forward to a new day.


One thought on “Some days will be good… Others… Not

  1. OneMotherofaDay says:

    Yes, there is always tomorrow, a brand new day to start fresh! The whole30 is hard and out of the 3 times I have started a Whole30 only 1 time I have actually completed the 30days.

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