Feeling defeated tonight…

I went to the box right after work today and knew that I would need to practice my overhead squats and C2B pull ups. After the announcement of 14.2 I started to stress out about the c2b when really my biggest challenge would be the OHS. I knew that 65lbs would be near impossible for me. Without any OHS practice or strengthening in the past 2 months, it was silly for me to think that I’d be able to lift 65lbs. And so I tried today. Started with 55lbs. I didn’t feel like I got enough depth but coach assured me that the depth was there. 55lbs wasn’t easy and I felt unstable. Told coach I didn’t think 65lbs was going to happen. But he wanted me to try so that he could see my form. I cleaned the bar, lifted the bar behind my head and onto my back adjusted my grip and then pressed up. I stood there for a few seconds, wobbly and unstable. Coach looked at me and gave me a reassuring look and said ok give it a try. I must have lowered a couple inches and quickly realized that it just wasn’t going to happen.
So I’m feeling really defeated right now. I don’t expect to get any stronger between tonight and tomorrow morning when I’m scheduled to do 14.2 but I feel like I just need to go in here and give it absolutely everything that I’ve got. If by some miracle I manage to get 1 rep, I will be on top of the world. If I don’t then at least I tried.


3 thoughts on “Feeling defeated tonight…

  1. Val says:

    I managed 2 reps! And I’ll take every inch/rep/#/cal I can take throughout the games! I’m sure you’ll do great tomorrow! 🙂

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