Procrastination not allowed for 14.2

finally made it to the box to finish up 14.1

Leading up to tonight’s WOD, I kept thinking maybe I could just skip it.  But I knew that if I did, I would feel awful for not even trying.  So I went and joined a couple guys who were going to give 14.1 a second attempt.  It was nice that I didn’t have to do it myself.

I didn’t have a strategy, and looking back now I probably should have.  But really, my only strategy was to get ‘er done.  To do my best and to not get too sloppy with my form with the clean & jerks.  I was quite nervous that my shoulders wouldn’t make it through the entire 10 minutes but they did. I’m sure they’re going to feel extremely sore tomorrow.

How did I do?

126 reps.



We didn’t start the WOD til 6:30pm and when it came to submit our scores online, the Crossfit site went down!  I’m glad that I managed to get my score submitted and validated right at the submission deadline.

For 14.2, I’m planning on completing it with the rest of the competitors at my box this Saturday @ 11am.  I’m sure the entire box will be filled with energy and it’ll be great to compete with everyone.  And this way I can submit my score right away (unless I think I’d try a second time) and not worry about the site going down.

Gotta say, I’m quite excited to say that I just completed my first Crossfit Open WOD! Woo Hoo!!


3 thoughts on “Procrastination not allowed for 14.2

  1. jacqkris says:

    I have found doing a WOD with a group where there is support makes me work harder. I did 14.1 but never did a double under until Monday. I had an awesome judge and some of the box watching and cheering. I did the 30 and was super excited. Good luck and remember, your body will surprise you with what it can do when you get your adrenaline going…

  2. OneMotherofaDay says:

    Wow that is great! I am always super jealous of when I read others talk about CrossFit because that is one thing that I would love to try at some point but, too expensive right now for me. So, instead I will just live vicariously through everyone else 🙂 Great job again! Good luck on the next round!

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