Monday – 14.1 and whole 30

Ok, so I’ve put it off long enough.

Actually couldn’t do 14.1 on Friday or Saturday, as I was getting things ready for my son’s 5th birthday.  OMG, I was so focused on doing 14.1 on Saturday morning that I almost forgot that we had his birthday party on Saturday @ 11am.  hehe.. 

Sunday, the box is closed (at least I didn’t ask if they would be open) so Monday will be the day I do 14.1.  I’m still pretty nervous about it, I definitely won’t be doing the snatches, so I’ll be doing the clean & jerks.  I think I should be okay at 55lbs, but will be going slowly, and that’s okay.

Tomorrow is also the day that I start my 2nd whole 30.  Since the end of my last whole 30 I found that without the guidelines, I haven’t been eating very well.  I’m not eating terribly, still eating a small amount of grains and dairy.  It’s the sugar that’s crept back into my diet more than I’d like to admit.  And I don’t like it one bit.  I know it sounds silly to need the challenge, but it gives me something to work towards.  So I’m focused on a cleaner eating month.  Last Friday I went out for lunch with coworkers to celebrate a bunch of February birthdays.  We ate at an East Indian restaurant and the food was pretty delicious (I finally got some of my taste back).  Again I didn’t go overboard, but just eating the dishes with dairy and grains, left me with a really bad headache for the entire day.

So it’s definitely a big day again tomorrow, focused and nervous.


3 thoughts on “Monday – 14.1 and whole 30

  1. cathyo says:

    good luck on 14.1 I totally get needing the challenge to eat better. i tried to stick to the whole life challenge rules once it was over, but didn’t do so well. being back on the challenge these past 7 weeks has been great. I really hope I can stick to healthy eating when the challenge ends on Friday…although i head to vermont for a ski vacation on saturday and I know i will be eating cheese and drinking beer…i will give myself a week and then when i’m back get back to being a bit stricter with my choices.

    • j!b says:

      ooh.. a ski vacation sounds wonderful! Definitely enjoy the cheese and beer.
      Did you finish 14.1? How did you do? Miss reading your updates.

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