Crossfit Open – 14.1

This was my original post prior to my 7pm class:


I’m feeling so anxious… 14.1 will be revealed in approx 22 minutes.

I’m signed up for the 7pm class and could probably do 14.1 tonight.

I’m nervous that it will have heavy clean and jerks, or toe to bars… neither which I can do very well… or at all even.

I think I’ll play it by ear.. show up and see what happens.

I know a couple of guys will be there doing 14.1, so it’ll be exciting to watch them do the WOD.

I’ll have an update later tonight.



I didn’t do 14.1 tonight.  When I heard the WOD, and the snatches, I chickened out 😦

I did get a chance to (finally – after 2 months) work on my snatches tonight though.  And it was great because I was the only individual in the 7pm timeslot and had the coach watch my technique and provide me tips/advice.  I managed to work up to a 50lb snatch.  It felt much better learning the technique the 2nd time around, so I hope I can continue with my progress.  Shoulders are definitely sore… I worked on clean and jerks, so a lot of shoulder strength needed tonight.  Need to take it easy.

Will I do 14.1?  Definitely will, but not Rx’d.  I suspect I’d be looking at a 45# snatch, maybe even 40#. 


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