Crossfit Open – 14.1.. almost here…

And I’m definitely not ready.

WIth my should injury and inability to do any exercises involving weight overhead or even doing pull ups, the past couple months have been really tough in terms of improving and getting stronger.  My shoulder is better now, and I’m back doing pull ups, wall balls and clean and jerks, even did some overhead squats but now I’ve been sick for the past week so feeling less than 100% won’t help.

But I got some great advice from a fellow crossfitter last night.  She asked me if I was ready for Thursday and I told her I definitely wasn’t ready, explained my shoulder injury.  She told me “No one’s ready.  No one knows what to expect.”  And I realized that I wasn’t alone in not feeling ready.  She’s been doing Crossfit for a few years now, great physique, strong… and she said they she didn’t feel ready either.  She’s also recovering from a shoulder injury (since July) and told me “It’s important not to dwell on past injuries.  Just think about all the other things that you’re strong and confident about”

That was great to hear, especially from someone who I inspire to be just as strong as.  One thing I absolutely love about Crossfit, is everyone you meet who does (or has done) Crossfit, started in the same place as you.  We all had to learn to same technique, we all experienced the same frustrations when the lifts didn’t come easy or we couldn’t get that PR we aimed for.  We’ve all experienced the frustrations of bruises, sore muscles and injuries.  But we all keep pushing through.  We all pushed through the last minute of an AMRAP, wanting to finish strong as we hear the voices of others encouraging us and pushing us to go hard.

Last night I decided that although I won’t be able to do 100% of the Open WODs, I can give 100% and do what I can do.  And most importantly, enjoy the moments.  

Still not feeling 100%, but I did make it to the WOD last night.  I was debating on whether it would be a wise decision to go workout but I’m glad I did.  

February 24, 2014 – WOD

15 minutes – work to max clean & jerk – I actually comfortably lifted 90lbs.  Was thinking about working up to 100lbs but ran out of time

5 minutes AMRAP – (squat) clean & jerks @ 70% max weight – I used 65lbs and managed to do 16 reps.  I definitely wasn’t going at a fast enough rate but was still focusing on my technique (which I had to adjust a couple times)

10 EMOTM – alternating

5-10 chest 2 bar pull ups – I don’t know how to kip yet and my pull ups aren’t as strong as they used to be, so I only managed 3-4 (most banded) each round

30 sec double unders – made it through one round unbroken.  The other rounds I made it 20-25 secs unbroken


It was a short workout and I was able to scale back the effort a little.

It was a great feeling to clean & jerk 90lbs and feel that I could have gone heavier. Yay!



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