Out of commission.. Day 5

It started with a sore throat on Tuesday night.
By Wednesday, I had an extremely sore throat and stuffy nose.
Thursday I was in bed with a fever, entire body aching, chills and just a really bad day.
Friday, the fever subsided but still stuffy and super congested.
I worked from home Wednesday – Friday.
Also missed pretty much the entire week of crossfit. I worked out on Tuesday night and that was it. Really frustrated that I couldn’t work out but I just wasn’t in any condition to exercise. I even signed up for a Saturday morning WOD but cancelled late Friday night when I realized I wasn’t going to be well enough.
I’m still coughing and have a stuffy nose but I’m aiming to workout tomorrow (as well as make it into the office).
Another downside to being sick…. I’ve lost all sense of taste. I can’t taste a single thing and it’s so frustrating.
Hoping to be back to 100% in the next day or two.


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