I ate.. and I ate… and I ate…

until I could eat no more… hehe

that’s how I felt this past weekend.. long weekend here in Manitoba.

Truth is I didn’t eat absolutely terribly.

On Saturday we went out for Dim Sum and I enjoyed vietnamese spring rolls, fried noodles and bean curd rolls.  Definitely didn’t eat a huge amount or stuffed myself silly.

On Sunday, we drove down to Grand Forks for the day and I had pasta for lunch and a fish burger and chicken nuggets for supper.  And I drank Coke Zero.

On Monday, I had a sushi and a white mocha americano.

And I had some dark chocolate.

Surprisingly I had a french fry (that came with my fish burger) but I couldn’t eat more than one.  I had no desire to eat them.

That was my entire long weekend.  And now I’m done with all those foods and I just want to eat like I did during the whole 30.

I’m actually quite surprised that the sushi wasn’t spectacular and I realized that I could go without.  Same goes with the fish burger and chicken nuggets.  I did enjoy the dim sum but actually could have gone without the fried noodles.  I did enjoy the spring rolls and the bean curd rolls though.

Saturday’s WOD, definitely was a tough one.

20 min AMRAP

15 box jumps (20″)

12 push press (I only did the bar – 35lbs, didn’t want to stress my shoulder)

9 toes to bar (or knees to ring for myself)

This was a long 20 minutes and I struggled so much with the knees to rings.  A couple weeks ago, I was able to do toes to rings, stringing up to 5.  Not sure why I struggled so much on Saturday.

Today’s WOD


5 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk

10 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk

15 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk

20 chest 2 bar

10 clean & jerk


and on and on.  I only made it through to the 20 chest 2 bar.  And even after the first 5 chest 2 bar, I had to switch to banded pull ups.  Again very frustrating that I struggled so much.  Of course I haven’t done any push ups in over 6 weeks, so I’m definitely weaker.  For the clean & jerks I stayed at a consistent weight of 65lbs.  However the Rx’d weight increased with each set of 10 clean & jerks.  I find these WODs tough because I struggle with going at a faster pace, while maintaining my form and technique.

I am excited that I can now press weight overhead, still can’t go for any 1RMs but that’s okay.  Hopefully by next week or maybe even this week, I can try snatches.  Doubtful though, I imagine those would be really hard on my shoulder.

Throat is very sore today, which usually means I’m getting sick 😦

Must fight it.  I can’t afford to miss any work or workouts.


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