One week to go!.. and all bruised up…

Sorry for being MIA lately… I’ve been keeping up with my Reader, but just haven’t had the mental energy to write a post.

Work is kicking my butt (as usual) and I’m doing the best to not let it interfere with my personal/home life.

The past couple of weeks have been filled with some really good WODs that have left me bruised all over.  I still haven’t gotten the overhead to do any overhead pressing exercises, so I’m still not doing any snatches, push press, or pull ups 😦

That means I’m doing a lot of cleans, power cleans, hang cleans.  I am able to do ring pull ups, toes 2 rings so that’s been really challenging.  And I’m also doing alot of push ups.. hehe.. 

The cleans are leaving me with bruises on my shoulders and my poor collar bone is so bruised and tender right now.  Last night’s WOD which included deadlifts, left me with a tiny scrape on my shin.  I had to actually put my pants on after I scrapped my shin with the bar.

Still feeling frustration with the cleans though, as I try to perfect the technique.  Still using my arms too much, need “more hip”, and to “jump the bar” and have “long arms”… AHH! so much to remember.  The coaches are trying to remind me to not over analyze things, which I think is one of my big problems.  I think I’m over analyzing every single aspect of the clean.  

Last Saturday’s WOD:

For time:

3 rounds

10/leg overhead plate lunges (35#)

10 hand release burpees onto plate

75 double unders

7 minute rest


Power clean (65#)

Ring dip/push up

Box jump (16)


I finished the “for time” portion in 11:03.  Those double unders were tough.  I was able to string 15-20 at a time, but they were definitely tiring.

Then second portion with the power cleans was tough for me.  I got through the first 12 reps and all of a sudden the bar started to feel very heavy and I was getting sloppy with my technique.  I couldn’t even finish the first 15 reps.  So coach Kyle told me to move on to the push ups while he stripped the weight off my bar.  For the following rounds/reps I completed the power cleans with just the bar.  I think I probably could have done 55#, but that’s okay.  After the WOD coach Kyle told me that he suspected the 65# would be heavy for me, especially with the high number of reps but was proud that I did complete the first 12 reps.

For yesterday’s WOD we spent the first 12 minutes finding a heavy power clean weight.  coach Gail is great because he’s always insisting I add more weight.  And truly believes in pushing yourself beyond what you’re comfortable with.  I started at 65# and increased to 75# and then 85#.  I think I could have gone for 95# but I was very cautious with having the bar land in that front rack position due to my extremely tender collar bone.  I found that I definitely wasn’t getting into that front rack position fast enough, it was like I was trying to slow down the bar so that it would land so hard on my shoulders/collar bone.  

As for the whole30, I’ve got a week (plus today) left.  Unfortunately my meal planning has been lacking and my meals haven’t been very exciting.  I did slip up on Superbowl Sunday.  We were visiting my husband’s aunts and she had done so much work putting together snacks.  I started munching on some macadamia nuts and then also had a bit of popcorn (airpopped, if that makes a difference).  I know I should’ve have insisted I was okay, but she kept insisting as well to enjoy some of the snacks she prepared.  Not an excuse, I’m fully aware that I made a poor decision, but what’s done is done.  It was very tempting to say .. Oh well, I made it to Day 21, not bad.. and then go out for some sushi.. hehe but I’m going to see this through to Day 30, and will most likely continue beyond the 30 days.  

Overall I am feeling better, sleeping much better at night.  Don’t think I’ve experienced the “Tiger Blood”, but I suspect that my meals need a little bit more tweaking (in terms of adding more carbs and healthy fats).  I definitely don’t miss the bloated feeling or the sluggish feeling.



2 thoughts on “One week to go!.. and all bruised up…

  1. cathyo says:

    Like you, I have been reading lots of blogs, just not writing. Just don’t seem the have the energy at the end of the day/night to string together something cohesive and at least slightly interesting!

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