Maybe I can just do a Whole 17 challenge…

The past couple days have been a bit tough on the whole30.  I’m on Day 18 and yesterday I kept thinking.. “maybe I’ll just make this a whole17 challenge”  It was funny to hear myself trying to convince myself that it was ok.  I was talking to my husband about how I get it, how I understand the food choices I make and how much more aware I am now of the hidden sugars in foods and my own habits on snacking.  Hubby said it was completely up to me if I wanted to end the challenge early.  But he said it in a way that I knew that he really didn’t mean it.. and that’s okay.  He knows that if I were to end early I’d feel bad.  So I sucked it up and here I am on Day 18, feeling better than yesterday.

Haven’t been to Crossfit since Monday, and it feels like forever!  Looking forward to tonight’s WOD.  I’m bummed that I missed Tuesday’s WOD (due to a board meeting at my son’s nursery school) but it looks like it was a tough one!  A circuit that consisted of kettlebell swings, burpees and rows.  Not sure what the numbers were but pictures were posted of people on the ground.. who most likely rolled off the rowers after the last round.  I’m also signed up for tomorrow’s 6:30am class.  Not sure if it’s a good idea though, may re-schedule.  I don’t think I’ve experienced the “tiger blood” yet and I don’t think that I’d have much energy first thing in the morning, especially when I suspect that tomorrow’s WOD will contain a long all-out row! eek!  

To ensure I get through the remainder of the whole30 challenge, I’ll need to do even more meal prep this weekend.  I fell short this week with meal prep and I’m eating alot of eggs!  Which I don’t mind but I definitely need more variety.


4 thoughts on “Maybe I can just do a Whole 17 challenge…

    • j!b says:

      Thanks for sharing! Really needed to read it. I had another close call today when work all of a sudden became extremely overwhelming and stressful. I snacked a bit more than I would’ve liked but I’m still sticking to the rules.

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