Was about to give up… Need to focus

Today was a tough day. I’m still not 100% with a cough and no appetite whatsoever. I skipped breakfast and didn’t have much of a lunch either. I was feeling very low energy most likely due to the lack of eating but I just didn’t want to eat. And honestly there are some things going on that are causing me a bit of stress. So stressed that when I got home I just wanted to eat some comfort food. This was a huge eye opener that I do turn to food for comfort. I was so tempted to munch on the kids dinner of chicken nuggets or to eat a handful of dark chocolate blueberries. Even worse I was thinking I’d eat a bag of chips.
But I didn’t. I stepped back and thought about my actions,
So I’m glad to report that I didn’t give in, but my eating definitely has been off today. I don’t even have the motivation to even do any meal prep. I’m going to take it easy for another 30 minutes, just lie in bed and watch tv. Then I’ll get up and cook.


One thought on “Was about to give up… Need to focus

  1. idrankthecfkoolaid says:

    Way to be tough. It’s hard I know! Especially when you don’t feel good. Keep it up. And way to just roll through those sausages from the other day. It happens. You didn’t do it on purpose and life goes on. Stay strong. Everyone hits Tiger Blood at different times/days. I start off with it right now but it fades too soon. But right now my brain is wide open. It’s crazy. Stay on course. You got this!

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