whole30 – Day 9 – minor slip … can’t wait for the tiger blood!

I had a minor slip up this morning.  I had a couple hard boiled eggs with some oven baked sausages.  And there was sugar and soy in the sausages.  I’m trying not to beat myself up with the slip and I should have double checked the ingredients list.  The rest of the day I stayed on  plan, but another minor slip up… I didn’t prepare any new meals for tomorrow.

There’s enough prepped food in the fridge to make me through tomorrow, so I’m not too worried, and I’m glad that tomorrow is a rest day so I can do a bit more cooking tomorrow.

I’m feeling very low on energy.. it’s hard to tell if my body is still adjusting to the whole30 or if it’s due to me just getting over a fever from the weekend.. I’m guessing the latter.  But today’s WOD was really hard on me.  I definitely struggled and it was frustrating.

Today’s WOD:

4 rounds AHAP (As Hard As Possible)

Sled pull

rest 15 secs

Sled push

rest 60 secs

** rest 5 minutes **

5 rounds

60 sec row – 50% effort

60 sec row – 90% effort

** rest 7 minutes **

60 sec Air Dyne – 50% effort

60 sec Air Dyne – 90% effort


Each pull was tough, especially at 90% effort and the Air Dyne definitely wasn’t any easier.  I’m sure my quads will be super sore tomorrow.  But I survived.

One other thing I really need to re-visit is the amount of food that I’m consuming.  In my head I feel like I’m eating enough food but reading the forums has made me wonder if maybe it’s not enough.  Of course this lower energy is expected until you reach Day 16-17, so I’m hoping things will get better and I’ll get to feel that “tiger blood”


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