I had to do it….

After grocery shopping I realized that there will be quite the adjustment to my daily meals once I start whole30 on Monday. Gone are the days of instant noodles for those meals where nothing is prepared and I need a quick meal. Definitely no more hash browns in the morning – this has become such a bad habit – so I’m actually very excited to kick this habit. Another big adjustment is no longer drinking protein shakes. I’m used to having a smoothie in the morning with a scoop of protein powder and usually have a shake post workout. I did some reading online about post workout protein shakes and how they are the best option for fast absorbing protein needed after a workout but there are so many comments and pieces of advice that it’s hard to know what would work for me. I’ll do a bit more reading tomorrow but in the end I will cut out the protein shakes.

So tonight I thought I’d go all out and have all you can eat sushi. It always sounds worse than it really is because generally I just really can’t eat a big amount of sushi. In total: 3 hand rolls, 2 regular rolls, a few pieces of salmon sashimi, some chicken katsu, mushroom tempura and a couple BBQ short ribs. Hehe ok that all of a sudden sounds like a lot but honestly I don’t think it is.
I’m also enjoying a coffee with 1/2 hot chocolate (a simple version of a mocha) because coffee with sugar or cream won’t be an option starting Monday. Actually not 100% sure if coffee is allowed… something I’ll need to look into.

Today was also my 5th WOD this week! So happy that I did it! Now I just need to keep it up.
Today’s WOD was a tough one:

3 rounds AFAP (as fast as possible)
10 burpees
100m row
3 min rest

7 min rest

10 rounds @ 90%
30 sec air dyne
30 sec kettlebell swings (35lb)
60 sec rest

The second part was really tough. But it felt great when it was all done.
I visited my chiro/dr and he said my shoulder is recovering nicely and I can go ahead and do cleans!! Great news!

Tomorrow there will be a lot of meal prep. I don’t have a lot of space in our fridge so I’m not sure how much I could have pre-packed but I’ll try my best.


3 thoughts on “I had to do it….

  1. Tess says:

    Great seeing you and the family tonight at sushi! Sounds like we both had a good dinner! Glad to hear you’re shoulder is getting better too :). I love reading your updates!

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