3 of 3… So far so good

And definitely not easy.
Today I made it to my 3 workout for the week (Monday/Tuesday and today) and it feels great.

Monday we worked on our front squats. My hips are so tight and stiff that squatting doesn’t feel great at all and I feel that I’m not getting good depth. Although I’ve asked coach Kyle and he has assured me that my depth looks good. We also worked on speed dead lifts, 2 reps EMOTM x5.
Tuesday was more of an aerobic workout which started with sled pushes. Which I must add are one exercise I dislike. They’re so deceiving. The first few pushes I’m thinking “this isn’t bad.” But then by the 6th push (out of 10) my lungs are burning and the sled is moving at such a slow pace regardless of how fast I try to move my legs! After the sled pushes we moved onto a 30 minute circuit that consisted of air squats, double unders, kettle bell swings, a 300m row, step ups and .5 mile air dyne. Definitely a great workout!
Tonight consisted of close grip bench press and pull ups, but I can’t due either due to my shoulder injury so instead I worked on the stability and strength exercises for my shoulder prescribed by my doctor. Not fun but at least I’m working on my shoulder.
Tomorrow is a rest day, then I’ll be back at the box on Friday and Saturday.

Tonight’s goal is to get to bed at a decent hour so I can get 7 hours of sleep.

I’ve been thinking of my goals a lot lately and should be posting them before the weekend.


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