My year in review… Looking forward to 2014

Check it out!

This year has been an amazing year which started with my best friends wedding in Mexico. It was 7 days sans kids which meant a lot of rest and relaxation… Oh and drinking… Hehe

Highlights of the year:
– running the Manitoba 1/2 marathon and beating my best time. I did my best training for the full marathon and although I was unable to run the full I’m glad I went through the training program and did my best.
– reaching my fitness goals of doing a strict unassisted pull up and squatting my body weight. Those were 2 things I never thought I’d be able to do.
– being promoted to a senior role. This was a great work surprise and reinforced the thought that hard work really does pay off

I definitely have a lot to focus and work on for 2014 and I haven’t decided yet what my goals are but as soon as I do I’ll update you all.

Now that the holidays are over I’m looking forward to having a more regular schedule. Actually looking forward to meal planning and cooking. We ate out so much over the holidays. I need to eat better!

Happy new year everyone!


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