Missed this place after an entire week off.. but now dealing with a shoulder injury :(


I love coming to Sublime and watching fellow crossfitters going for max PRs.  Even more, I love the attention the coaches and everyone at the box gives when they know someone is aiming for a max PR.  So awesome!

I finally got over my nasty cold, but then was swamped with work and volunteer activities.  If there’s a committee/board to volunteer on, I’m on it.  It’s mostly work committees… fun committee, health & safety committee, fire warden.  So the past week I’ve been extremely busy helping plan the department holiday luncheon (approx 300 attendees) and the company-wide Children’s Christmas party (approx 1200 attendees)  There will be alot of running around tomorrow and Friday and by Sunday I’ll FINALLY be able to focus on getting my Christmas shopping done.

Anyway, prior to yesterday’s WOD, it had been an entire week since I last made it to Crossfit.  And it really sucked! And I really missed it.  But what’s worse, is I’m now dealing with a shoulder injury.  Nothing too serious.  The doctor actually thought I had torn a muscle, based on my description of the pain and my limited mobility but luckily there’s no tear and I just “tweaked” my shoulder.

So what does this mean?  No more Olympic lifting 😦  I’m pretty bummed about that, especially since I was starting to feel more comfortable with the lifts.  So I’m moving back to the foundation program for the next 4-6 weeks.  However, even in the foundation program, for the next couple weeks I will not be allowed to do: overhead press, bench press, or pull ups.

I’m glad that I went to see a doctor and seeked treatment right away.  A small part of me thought maybe it was just a really sore muscle and that I could push through the discomfort.  But last Sunday I couldn’t even lift a 10lb dumbbell for a lateral raise,  which made me realize that perhaps it was something more serious.

This past Friday, my company had their annual Christmas Dinner & Dance.  I normally wouldn’t go, but I received free tickets for volunteering to help with some company social events (one perk to volunteering).  The hubby and I had a great time and enjoyed great company.  I have to admit I did have a bit too much to drink, but once in awhile is harmless right?!



Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

Can’t believe Christmas is only 14 days away! EEK!