Not fair. .. sick again!

As soon as I started feeling chilly yesterday I knew I was in trouble.  I threw on a sweater but it didn’t warm me up at all.  I already had a stuffy/runny nose so I guess a fever was on it’s way.
By 7pm I was in bed underneath a couple blankets but still unable to get warm.  That was it for me.  I was out until this morning.  Stayed home from work.  And missed two days of Crossfit.  I’m so bummed! Really really hope that I’m feeling better tomorrow morning so I can make it to the box.
I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how one day I’d like to take fitness/physique pictures with my hubby.  When he used to compete in bodybuilding I always thought it would be awesome to take pictures together.  And I’d love to have a physique that could stand next to his.
Here’s a back picture that we took awhile ago:



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