Even a tough WOD couldn’t stop me. ..

From talking non-stop to the cashier about how awesome Crossfit really is.
Still feeling under the weather but made it to crossfit tonight.

Today’s WOD:
5 x [1 clean, 1 front squat, 2 jerks]

3 rounds:
5 front squats
100m row ALL OUT
180 secs rest

3 rounds:
10 db thrusters
12 burpees
120 secs rest

3 rounds:
30 secs push ups
60 secs rest
30 secs pull ups
60 secs rest

It was a tough work out and the pull ups at the very end were so hard!  But even after a tough WOD I still managed to share my love of Crossfit with the cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart when I stopped by after my workout to pick up some goodies for the kids.

My technique for the clean and jerk is slowly improving but I still need more hip.  I was so focused on the squat clean that I forgot about my hips. 

Looking forward to crossfit this week.  Just need to get healthy!


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