A tough 2000m row

Especially when I’ve still got this cold.  I’ve been sick since Tuesday and missed both Tuesday and Wednesday night WODs. I really didn’t want to miss another class so I managed to do a lighter workout yesterday.  Coach Kyle knew I wasn’t feeling great so he made sure I wasn’t going too hard. 
Tonight I debated going to the WOD but again didn’t want to miss out.  I knew I could adjust my workout to my energy level so I went.
Tonight’s WOD was a 2000m row for time with a 10 minute time cap.  If you finished early you moved onto an AMRAP of double unders.
I was pretty certain that I’d take the entire 10 minutes to finish so I was really happy when I finished in 9min 17 sec. It was definitely a tough row I felt like I had such little energy and struggled with each pull.  But I’m glad I went.
Tomorrow I’ve got a 2hr workshop on Olympic lifting so I’m super excited about that.  Hopefully I can learn some new techniques that will help me.


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