Someone tell me it’s muscle…

Sorry I’ve been MIA this past or so… the days are flying by so fast, it’s hard to believe we’re fast approach mid-November!

What’s been going on?

Well I’m glad to say that since I set my goals over a week ago, I’m still trying ūüôā

I haven’t purchased a single coffee at the cafeteria, so that’s a huge win for me!

I’m enjoying the brewed coffee at home, and loving it even more with my Peppermint Mocha creamer. ¬†So delicious!

I did so well with cooking, packing and eating my lunch the first 2 days.. and then.. lunch with a co-worker on Wednesday and a free lunch on Thursday.  Friday I had given up and it was so busy at work, I ended up picking up a small bowl of chicken noodle soup at the cafeteria.

Last Thursday was also my first attempt at kipping pull ups. ¬†And they’re definitely not easy! ¬†I was a bit hesitant to go to class, as I was the only one that had signed up. And I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to have a one-on-one session with the coach. ¬†If I were more confident in my lifting, I would have easily welcomed the session, but I’ve been feeling so much frustration lately, I wasn’t sure if I could handle the focused feedback. ¬†But I did go, and I’m glad I did. ¬†Turns out another girl had signed up at the last minute, but there were 2 coaches that session so we each got our own one-on-one session. ¬†I got alot of good tips and feedback on my clean and jerk technique. ¬†Still a long way to go until I’m feeling comfortable with the lift but I just have to keep at it. ¬†I think I did okay for my first attempt at kipping pull ups. ¬†I struggled to get a rhythm going and will need to spend some time watching You Tube videos to get a better idea of the technique.

Also on Saturday I watched my first local Crossfit competition and it was so awesome! ¬†And so inspiring and motivating. ¬†Just watching the events and the athletes, was so great. ¬†The hubby and kids came with me, and I ask the hubby if he noticed that although this was a competition, everyone was cheering everyone on. ¬†I loved the atmosphere! ¬†There are a couple more Saturday competitions left but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it due to Christmas functions.

Starting the weekend and leading up to Christmas, every single weekend (and most weekends – both days) will be filled with holiday events and parties. ¬†Both hubby and I will be attending our company’s Christmas parties and I have the perfect dress to wear, which I purchased this past summer:



I fell in love with the dress I soon as I saw it and it fit perfectly!  At least it did when I purchased the dress over the summer.

Up until last week, I hadn’t stepped on a scale since I joined Crossfit back in May. ¬†Although I will always want to eat healthier/cleaner, I was more focused on getting stronger. ¬†Anyway, I stepped on the scale and saw an increase. ¬†I’d say an approx 4-5 pound increase. ¬†Eek! ¬†And I’m trying to tell myself that I must have gained muscle right?! ¬†But would that explain why the dress fits a little snug around my waist? ¬†WAH! ¬†Maybe it’s just that time of month?¬†

Anyway, the first party is on November 23rd, which is 11 days away. ¬†Which means I have to stick to a meal plan else that dress isn’t going to fit at all.



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