Tater tots: 1 – Me: 1 – Ready to take on the rest of the day

Good Morning!

The tater tots won this morning.

I should be more specific – the oven-baked tater tots won this morning.  Doesn’t seem as bad compared to the deep fried cubed potato hashbrowns.

Last night at Crossfit, I continue to practice my clean & jerk technique.  I feel like I’ve lost all progress I made last week and I’m starting over.. again!  I do love the coaches though, Gail was super attentive and providing me as many tips to help me get the feel of the clean & jerk.  He could tell I was getting a little frustrated and he let me move onto the next part of the workout.  I’m definitely focused on getting the movement, just got to keep practicing.

The 2nd portion of the workout consisted of pushups, rowing, pull ups and burpees.. UGH! hehe.. by the 3rd (and last) round my arms were definitely killing me!

When I got home, hubby was working out in our basement gym, so I went to visit and we took some back pictures.


I don’t doubt the hubby works out hard, but I swear he makes it look so easy to maintain his physique.

I definitely want to work on my back more, so I think I’ll add back-specific workouts at home on my Crossfit rest days.

Although I lost to my potato craving this morning, I’m still ready meal-wise for the rest of the day.  Yesterday it felt great to have my food with me and actually eating it!



One thought on “Tater tots: 1 – Me: 1 – Ready to take on the rest of the day

  1. cathyo says:

    Don’t you hate guys. They watch what they eat for a week and lift a few weights and boom… 10 lbs is gone. We slave and debate about every bite we take and the progress is so slow. Oh well. At least it’s progress! You r looking great!

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