Can’t help but think about it…

Last Friday was payday.. YAY!

As usual, I grabbed my payroll statement from my mail slot, opened up the envelope and quickly scanned the deductions.  Health care, dental, parking … cafeteria.. $60..?!  Say again?!  I spent $60 in a 2 week span (more like a total of 9 days) on cafeteria food.  And that’s on TOP of the days I went out to eat for lunch or picked up a Starbucks coffee.  OMG! that’s just not right!  But I can see how it happened.  A breakfast of 2 eggs, hash browns and a coffee will cost me cost to $6.  

I realized I can’t keep spending this amount of money of food that I could easily prepare myself.  So this past weekend I got focused and made a couple dishes that I could have for breakfast.  Let me say, yesterday was the most time I’ve ever spent in the kitchen baking/cooking.  I couldn’t believe how much time I spent cleaning up dishes, my poor hands! But it was a great feeling at the end of the night to see all that I had done.

1st item:  Apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins.  I followed a fairly simple recipe and I think they turned out ok.  Not exactly “OMG! these are to die for!!” but more like “hmm.. these are okay, a good healthy snack” hehe..

2nd item:  Baked eggs – with double smoked bacon, onions, diced orange peppers and spinach.

3rd item:  Honey soy chicken thighs.  I followed the online recipe exactly, but for some reason the finished product didn’t look like the picture posted with the recipe.. GRR.. that’s ok, it was still pretty tasty and will go great with quinoa and broccoli.

4th item:  I made this on Saturday night.  It’s my own version of italian wedding soup. – mild italian sausage, onion, garlic, chicken broth, orzo and spinach.  That’s it!  so easy and quick to make.

I even managed to make my own coffee at home, rather than buying a coffee at the cafeteria.

So far so good.  I’m thinking I’ll warm up my baked eggs shortly and have them for breakfast.  But I can’t help but think about how delicious the hash browns are in the cafeteria.  The cafeteria just opened at 7:30am so the hash browns are freshly cooked.  Nice, hot and crispy.  Ahh!  The wise thing to do would to just fight the craving and stay put at my desk.  At the same time, they would make me so happy! haha…


Update:  I did it!  I sat at my desk and worked away and the craving has passed.  


2 thoughts on “Can’t help but think about it…

  1. cathyo says:

    way to resist the call of the hashbrown! I was lazy yesterday and didn’t meal plan, grocery shop or cook…so it was a protien shake for breakfast today. Will have to go out for lunch and I think I will do spaghetti squash for dinner – so I will at least have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I’m made at myself, because I know when I don’t plan and do some weekend food prep, my whole week is a challenge. Your baked eggs sound great!

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