1st AMRAP – not the easiest thing to do at 6:30am

First off, I’m a little bummed that I missed my workout yesterday.

Original plan was to go to a 6:30am class, but my car pooling plans changed and I had to bus to work so I re-scheduled to a 7pm class, thinking the kids and hubby would be back from trick or treating and could take over the handing out of candy while I snuck away to the gym.  When they hadn’t returned by 6:30pm I went ahead and cancelled my spot in class.  I had already accepted that fact that I wouldn’t workout and told myself that it’s okay.  Halloween is once a year for the kids and missing one workout isn’t the end of the world.  Oh well.

This evening will be another busy evening and I’ll be coming home late from work, so wanted to make sure I got my workout in this morning, so last night before bed, I signed up for the 6:30am class.  Oh boy… it was a tough morning and I struggled to get out of bed.  But I kept telling myself, go now or miss another workout.  I finally got out of bed @ 6:10am, washed up, grabbed a banana and water and headed to the box.

Today’s WOD:

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

7 kettlebell swings (55/35#)

5 burpees


Do not pace

No strategy

ALL OUT effort

And no matter how tired you were… keep moving.

As soon as I read the board, I thought.. “How am I going to survive this @ 6:30 in the morning?”

We made sure to warm up and open up our lungs to prepare for the WOD.

I knew I had to do some kind of pacing but I did go as fast as I could.  The first few rounds felt good, although my shoulders are STILL sore from earlier this week!  I was so glad when I heard that we were half way done.  The end was in sight.  And actually the last 6 minutes went by faster than I expected.

By the 2nd half, my burpees had slowed down and I had to pause a bit between each burpee.  But I never stopped for more than a few seconds.

How did I do?

17 rounds!! which = 119 kettlebell swings and 85 burpees!  Woo Hoo!

Definitely a tough workout, especially first thing in the morning but I’m so glad I got my workout in today and can enjoy and rest a bit this evening.



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