2 minutes feels like forever.. and yet be over so quickly.. especially in Crossfit

Seriously? How is it possible that 2 minutes of a specific activity can drag on forever yet 2 minutes of rest can be over in a blink of an eye!  At least that’s what it felt like during Tuesday’s WOD:

2 minutes – kettlebell swings

2 minutes rest

2 minutes – double unders

2 minutes rest

2 minutes – wall balls

2 minutes rest

2 minutes – burpees

** rest for 10 minutes and repeat! **

The goal is to go 100% ALL OUT and try to get the same rep counts in both rounds.  I think I did okay, despite the fact that my shoulders/arms were burning from Monday’s WOD which included Air Dyne sprints and push ups.  The first 30 seconds of each activity felt good.. then the realization hit me that I wasn’t even half way done! AHH!!  Seriously? How am I going to make it through.  Then I hit the 1 minute mark.. ok.. half way there.. but I’m dying!  MUST… KEEP… GOING!  Then the last 30 seconds.. Come on.. push through.. after these last 30 seconds of torture, I’ve got a nice 2 minute rest.  Each 2 minute activity ended with me trying to catch my breath, telling myself to keep moving.  If I stopped moving completely, I may not be able to get started again.  And the 2 minute rests went by so quickly, felt like I only had enough time to walk over to the board to record my rep count.

How did I do?

Kettlebell swings – 65 reps both rounds

Double unders – 1st round 114, 2nd round 104.  What I’m super excited about is even though my skip count for the 2nd round decreased slightly, I managed to string 48 double unders in a row! WOO HOO! Although I must say I was concentrating SUPER hard! hehe

Wall balls – 1st round 44, 2nd round 37.  My shoulders were on fire by the 2nd round and I kept wondering if there was a better way for me to use my shoulders/arms less, but nope.  Although I really dug into my heels to spring upwards, I still need to send that ball up against the wall.

Burpees – 1st round – 26, 2nd round 29.  When I look at those numbers they seem really low.  Like really? Only 26 burpees in 2 minutes? Really?!  Not sure why I struggled so much with the burpees.  And the increase in reps for the 2nd round?  Yeah, that was because coach Kyle was standing right in front of me, pushing me to keep moving.

I definitely had to lie down right after this workout.  And so I laid there, in the middle of the box where I completed my burpees.  And even afterwards I had that slight feeling of “omg.. I think I have to throw up!” but good news.. I didn’t.. but boy it was a tough one.  And I survived and because I survived this WOD, I know I can survive any WOD. 

My box’s website www.sublimesc.com has started posting personal Crossfit stories from the members.  And I love reading the posts because I can totally relate, especially near the end when the member apologizes for a long story and can’t help it because they feel so passionate about Crossfit.  If you’ve got a few minutes, head over to read the stories.  I love em.

I’m a little bummed today because I really want to workout but I just don’t know if I can make it happen with Halloween night and having to get the kiddies ready to go trick or treating.  I’m definitely going to try to squeeze it in, just not sure if I can 😦


4 thoughts on “2 minutes feels like forever.. and yet be over so quickly.. especially in Crossfit

  1. shaneatkinson82 says:

    48 unbroken, very nice. My best is 23. However, I bet with a WOD like this you can be forced to get better. I like this and think I will go with a variation of this for my METCON tomorrow.

  2. cathyo says:

    i still haven’t hit 20 DU in a row yet 😦 I really need to practice more. I’ve got 100 burpees for my WOD tonight…NOT looking forward to it. I hope i don’t puke!

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