Five Things Friday – Oct 24, 2013

I don’t know what it is, but today is a GOOD day! 

Could be that’s it’s simply Friday and I have an entire weekend with no work (hubby has no work either) and it might be the first time in months that I’ll make it out for a Saturday morning WOD! And it could be due to the fact that I rolled myself out of bed for a 6:30am WOD.  It’s tough but definitely a great way to start my day.


On to Five Things Friday…

  1. Crossfit:  Olympic lifts are getting a little easier… still struggling with more hips, less arms but considering I only started Olympic lifts last week, I’m doing pretty good.  The coaches were waiting for all results to come in from our round of testing last month and now that they have the results, we’ll be starting a new programming cycle on Monday.  Can’t wait!
  2. Crossfit:  Getting stronger! Yay!!  This week we had a couple WODs with back squats and I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to go heavy due to the tightness in my hips.  On Tuesday I managed to do 5 reps @ 115lbs and today I did 3 reps @ 120lbs.  My 1RM is 125lbs, so I think I’m getting stronger. 
  3. Crossfit:  Okay, one more Crossfit related thing… I definitely need to get more aggressive.  I’m finding that I’m pulling back a little from the heavier weights and I really need to just giv’er… go all out.  I need to step up to the bar and just own it!  I need to pump myself up and go heavy.  And I need to keep pushing for that last rep.  This morning we were doing pull ups and on my 3rd set, I managed to get 4 pull ups in a row.  I should have gone for that 5th rep, even if I had to wiggle my chin above the bar, instead I let go of the bar and decided, Ok.. I’m done.. that was good enough.  Must push harder.
  4. I must also be in a super good mood because I think I may have found the perfect winter boot.  For the past 3-4 years I’ve been wearing UGG boots.  These boots, although super warm and comfy, simply do not look good with my work attire and not like anyone’s checking out my footwear, I’m always a little embarrassed to be wearing dress pants with a pair of UGGs.  I definitely need a pair of warm boots, temperatures here can go as low as -40 in the winter time.  But I also want something fashionable.  I went boot shopping a couple days ago and when I asked the salesperson for their most fashionable but super warm pair of boots, he indicated that fashionable warm boots didn’t really exist 😦  But I wasn’t giving up and started shopping online and found the perfect pair of boots.  They’re actually still UGG boots, so they come with the super warm lining but they’re a leather tall boot with a heel! OMG! so perfect!  Price tag: $400.  That’s bringing down my happiness level a bit, but I’ll figure something out to justify the cost. hehe…
  5. Meal planning… I prepared dinner/lunch.. TWICE this week! eek.. not good.. we had a team luncheon on Wednesday so I was covered for lunch but had to pick up yesterday and will pick up lunch today.  There’s food in the fridge to cook, I just gotta cook it.  Was really hoping to cook last night but I worked overtime until 8:30pm and then it was time to get the kids ready for bed.  Of course after they went to bed I could’ve cooked something.  But I found myself watching The Vampire Diaries.. hehe..  that might be the one series I follow this season.

Yesterday’s WOD was a good one and I actually found myself pushing harder.  We worked on our snatch and hand stand push ups.  I did negatives.  I’m sure the day I do a hand stand push up, will have me feeling like I’m on top of the world.  Can’t wait!  Second portion of the WOD had us doing:

5 rounds:

  • heavy sled push (I did 90lbs on top)
  • 10 box jumps (20″)
  • 10 burpees

My sled pushes definitely slowed down for the last couple rounds but I pushed through every round.  It was awesome!

Tomorrow morning’s WOD will be more of an aerobic workout, can’t wait!

Hope you’re all having a great Friday!


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