It’s that time of year

The last three months of the year at work usually means one thing: food food and more food.  It all starts tomorrow with my team’s year end luncheon.  Definitely too early to be considered a true year end luncheon but due to financial due date our lunch had to be scheduled early. 
Then Halloween is just around the corner which means lots of treats at the office.  Then shortly after Christmas holidays which means more year end celebrations and treats at the office.
I’m not too worried about all the treats I definitely have more of a salty tooth rather than a sweet tooth. 
Good news with Crossfit.  The movements and lifts are getting a little easier.  I even added weight to my snatches today.  Huge progress for me.  Yesterday we also did rope climbs. Surprisingly it was quite easy to climb up.  Coming down was definitely harder and I often would just lower myself half way and then jump down.  My right hip is feeling really tight right now. Hopefully this doesn’t hang around for long. 


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