For today’s WOD we needed to work on our snatch 1RM. Since I’ve just switched to the building program I’m still learning my snatch technique.
It’s definitely a lot to remember but I feel confident that it will get easier.
Bend your knees… shoulders behind the bar… knees back and lower the bar to just above your knees and… bring the bar up.  Once I brought the bar back down I was told “you need more hip” after each rep I heard “more hip” there were a couple good reps but 75% needed “more hip”
We also worked on our handstand pushups.  Not easy. 
But I’m loving the challenges.


3 thoughts on “MORE HIP!!

  1. playlifeoutloud says:

    I get the same comment all the time too! “Open your HIPS Kate!” My issue, my hips are very tight from playing hockey. Do you stretch out your hip flexors WELL before snatching? Maybe it’s just a flexibility issue…

    • j! ayson says:

      I suspect I don’t stretch out enough. Definitely something I will need to focus on. Can’t wait for the day when the snatch feels somewhat normal. Hehe. Today we’re working on clean and jerk. .. eek!

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