On to the next phase

After 5 months of Crossfit I have finally made the switch from the foundation to the building program.  Since the testing phase officially finished last week today was the start of a new program cycle and the perfect time for anyone who wanted to make the switch.  When I read this week’s blog entry on the Sublime website I started to get nervous.  I knew I wanted to make the switch and start learning Olympic lifting but a part of me was thinking I wasn’t ready yet.  I told myself I’d continue to think about it throughout the day and would decide at tonight’s class.
So tonight at class coach Kyle asked if I was ready.  I answered his question with a question “as my coach do you think I’m ready?” He replied that he thought I was ready but only wanted me to switch if I wanted to.  I definitely wanted to do I told him I would.  Yay!
First new thing I learnt today?  The snatch.  And boy it’s a tough one for me.  I almost feel like I’m starting Crossfit all over again.  So many tips with form and technique to remember.  Wide grip,  shoulders back,  keep the bar tight and close to the body.  Oh boy.  It was definitely exciting to learn something new but it’s also going to be a challenge to stay patient and focused if the lifts don’t come as easy.
This past week has been fairly good overall.  It was a long weekend for us (Canadian thanksgiving) and very easy going.  Kids had fun picking out their Halloween pumpkins.


And also enjoyed a nice October picnic at the park.


Weather is definitely cooler now, we’ll be reaching sub zero temperatures overnight.  Time to bring out the gloves and scarves.  Brr!!

Oh and I forgot to mention Reebok Crossfit now carries nanos for kids. And I can wear a kids size 6 which means new nanos for me for $30 less!


7 thoughts on “On to the next phase

  1. playlifeoutloud says:

    The snatch is super tough!! Still something I really need to work on too 🙂 good for you focusing on proper form and technique. So many people get caught up in going too heavy and/or too fast and forget these important parts.

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