Definitely a tough day

Today I tried my best to watch what I ate.  And it wasn’t easy.  As soon as I got to work I already started thinking about having hashbrowns for breakfast.  I fought the craving even though I kept telling myself that I would allow myself one indulgence and that would be my hashbrowns.  In the end I had a couple slices of multi grain toast buttered.  Not the greatest but I think better than hashbrowns.
My mid afternoon another craving hit me.  This time onion rings.  I even went to the dairy queen website to find out how many calories in an order of their onion rings.  I was thinking I’d burn off the calories later at Crossfit.  Luckily hubby drove us home right after work so there was no opportunity to buy onion rings. 
Supper was pretty good.  Quinoa with peppers and marinated pork. 
I even made whole wheat cottage cheese pancakes with strawberries and dark chocolate. 


Can’t wait to munch on these tomorrow!
Crossfit was good tonight. 
Here’s what we did;
Reverse foot elevated split squats
Pronated pullups
Reverse barbell curls

One last thing: my starting point pictures.  I don’t know if it was the four days in Vegas or the fact that it’s that time of the month but these pictures don’t look good at all! It was very hard to take them and see them.


Definitely enough to keep me focused. 


2 thoughts on “Definitely a tough day

  1. cathyo says:

    You are your toughest critic. I think you look great! Regardless… It’s a starting point. Use these pics and how you feel about them as motivation to keep the hashbrowns and onion ring consumption to a minimum. Abs are made in the kitchen!

  2. Lil Mama says:

    I agree-you look very good. But it is your starting point and i agree…a good reminder (if your unhappy with how you look) for when you crave something not so healthy!

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