Holy moly! 5000m…

Continuing on with our fitness testing, last night’s WOD consisted of finding our Press 1RM, powell raises for max reps and then the 5000m row for time (30 min time cap)  Starting the row, I knew that I had to start with an easy pace.  If I were to go all out, no doubt I would fade quickly and then I would start feeling very discouraged.  I took things slow and steady for the first 3000m and I was feeling great.  Decided I would pick up the pace because I was feeling pretty good.  I was still able to keep a steady pace for the next 1000m.  Then I hit the last 1000m.  I knew I was so close to finishing. I had my eye on the Projected End Time and it hovered between 24 minutes and just above 25 minutes.  When I first started rowing, I didn’t have a goal time to complete in, but when I saw how close I was to finishing under 25 minutes I decided I really wanted to finish in under 25 minutes.  And so I pulled.. and pulled.. and I swear, if felt like the number was coming down SO SLOWLY!  Luckily for me, Scotty finished his row way before me and kept me company.  He pushed me through the last 1000m.  He also saw how close I was to finishing in under 25 minutes so he kept yelling at me to keep my pace.  And I was loud… with my breathing and the tiny little grunts that would escape with each pull.  500m left… why was it taking so long?!  I started to doubt my ability to finish in under 25 minutes, I pace was slowing down.  “Come on.. PULL.. let’s go!” Scotty continued to yell.  OK.. only 30 more big pulls.. I got this… I got this.. I kept repeating those words in my head.  100m.. 80m.. 60m.. and finally 0m!  I was done!  And I finished in 24 minutes and 55 seconds!! What a great feeling!  It was tough, but I think I’d actually do it again.  AND… I actually prefer 25 minutes rowing over 60 seconds all out on the AirDyne.


4 thoughts on “Holy moly! 5000m…

  1. Lil Mama says:

    holy crap! that’s long! My goal for October for cardio (we ran a lot last month) is to get on that row machine and row 1k a few days a week, strictly focusing on the pull because i get so lazy after a couple minutes and stop pushing out with my legs.

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