Never say it’s only 60 seconds

Especially if it’s 60 seconds ALL OUT on the Air Dyne bike for max calories.  That’s exactly how tonight’s WOD ended. 
How did it go?  I got 26 calories.  Not the greatest but I gave it all I had.  I was hoping my arms would help me with the pace but they were exhausted! I was signed up for the second last class and arrived early to a very busy box and I had the opportunity to watch others complete their 60 second Air Dyne rides. It was quite intense and made me quite nervous.
But the atmosphere was electric.  As individuals hopped on the bikes there was a never ending steam of encouraging words.  When it was my turn I was surrounded by 4-5 Crossfit buddies just yelling at me to keep going.  It was awesome!
One guy who came after me did an amazing job and hit 59 calories. It was quite the scene. 6 guys surrounding him on the bike yelling at him to push hard. Wish I had caught the scene on camera so that when others asked me why I love Crossfit I could simply show them the video.  I don’t think I could ever find the same level of support and motivation.
And I’m definitely stronger and healthier  because of these individuals who always push me to get through that last rep and never let me give up.


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