Fitness Test – Baseline Comparison..

My throat is still sore from the intense breathing during yesterday’s fitness test.

I was really interested to see what improvements I’ve made since May, so I read through my post where I talk about the fitness test.

************* 1st fitness test, May 2013 *******************

I went hard for the first minute on the bike.. actually surprised that the calorie count didn’t go up as fast as I thought it would.. hehe.. I quickly realized that I’d hit the 2 minute mark before the 40 calories. Going into the 2nd minute, my pace slowed down and I was TIRED! hehe.. Kyle was there pushing me through (which is good and bad.. hehe) and the last 10 seconds seem to go on forever.. but I finished. But as soon as I was done, I had to move on to the 40 air squats. OMG… my legs were so tired after the 2 minute bike ride.. how was that possible? I thought I was in good shape! hehe..

Anyway the first 20 squats were hard, the second 20.. even harder.. and I was going at a snail’s pace. But again, I pushed through (with the help of Kyle’s encouragement) and moved on to the situps. I think I got to 24 situps and the 5 minute timer went off. So I didn’t make it to the pushups or pullups.. can’t imagine how many pullups I’d even be able to do when I was already so winded and tired from the first 2 exercises!


So based on the fact I did 13 push ups this time, it’s a huge improvement! YAY!

I am nervous about the upcoming tests, not sure if I’m going to hit any PRs, but I’ll give it all I got!!


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