How can a 5 minute fitness test hurt so much! ?

And leave me completely breathless and unable to move, paralyzed on the box floor while my quads are screaming at me in pain.
Today’s WOD wasn’t actually a WOD but it was the same fitness test I did approx 4 months ago.
AirDyne – 40 calories or 2 minutes
40 air squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 strict pull ups

5 minute time cap

How did I do?
Glad to say I reached 40 calories before the 2 minute mark and made it through to 13 push ups.

The airdyne KILLED my quads and I had to stop a few times during the air squats.
But I’m sure I did better than my first fitness test.  Don’t remember completely but I don’t think I got as many push ups the first time and definitely didn’t hit the 40 calories.
Although my throat is STILL sore the best part of the test (and the entire Crossfit community) was the non-stop support from everyone there. 
Absolutely love the encouragement!  Love the motivation and support. And definitely would not find that anywhere else.


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