Early morning WOD following the long weekend and meal plan..

Surprisingly getting up early for a 6:30am WOD wasn’t too difficult this morning. Although I do feel a headache coming on.  I suspect it may be I’m hitting a sugar low. Sure I’ve cut sugar from my coffee but I’m having way more in other snacks.  I feel like my body is craving it more now.  Not a good sign, I suspect I’ll have to cut sugar cold turkey.

Today’s WOD:

4 rounds:

Russian deadlifts – 4-6 reps (165lbs)

Ring dips OR work on perfect form push ups, goal: 20 pushups

3 rounds:

dumbbell hip extensions (25lbs)

side plank, each side 45-75 secs

3 rounds:

turkish get up, 10 each arm

30 mountain climbers

50 double unders

I’ve been thinking, I really need to get my own rope.

I struggled today and felt that the rope I was using was too short.  Tried to find one a slightly longer one but all other ropes were too long.  So I will start shopping around online today for my very own speed rope… never thought I could get so excited over the purchase of a jump rope.. hehe

There is a general meal plan for the week, I have a fridge/freezer full of ingredients, just a matter of making the dishes.  So far I’ve got:

Tuesday:  spaghetti and spinach omlette

Wednesday:  chicken with peppers and cherry tomatos with eggs & quinoa

Thursday: baked tilapia fillets with peppers & quinoa

Friday: TBD

Also plan on baking some almond butter coconut chocolate chip cookies and possibly some banana bread.  Can’t wait.  

Of course the challenge won’t be cooking the dishes, it will be actually eating the dishes at lunch time.  Today was an epic fail.. I brought spaghetti with me, but ended up having sushi with a girlfriend.  Good thing is spaghetti will be tonight’s dinner. I just need to get better at it, period!

I want to set some goals for September.. but I haven’t been doing so well with working towards those goals.  The goal to have defined abs by my birthday in September?  FAIL!

Need to reset and re-focus.  Good thing is I haven’t fallen out of love with Crossfit.  Still LOVE it!


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