2nd rest day?! Should I?

It’s been a long and busy week at work.  Add on top the intense WODs on Tuesday/Wednesday and I am one exhausted cookie!

Kids are sick which isn’t much fun either.  And I think I caught their colds 😦

My throat is extremely sore and I’m feeling drained.

So the question is.. Crossfit? or not?

I’m feeling bad just thinking about missing out on today’s WOD and I’m trying to tell myself that a 2nd day rest is okay.  But with a sore throat, I know that I’m fighting off a cold and I don’t think working out is a good idea.

What I’m thinking is a nice hot bowl of soup would be really good for supper tonight.

and OMG.. my clean eating has gone completely out the window this week.

Potatoes potatoes potatoes.. every day for breakfast.. and alot of cheeseburgers.. I was hit was huge cravings for cheeseburgers.  Where this craving came from, I have no idea.  I mean overall, it wasn’t a horrible week, but it was no where near where I want to be.

So meal prep starts tonight with me writing down the meals and ingredients I need for the week.  I will be successful at this.  Just get’er done!



2 thoughts on “2nd rest day?! Should I?

  1. cathyo says:

    I haven’t been eating all that well this week either not complete crap like my last week of vacay, but still could be better. Will get back on track when it’s back to the normal routine next week…at least I hope so. Feel better. 😄

  2. leannenalani says:

    I think a 2nd rest day is totally fine as long as you keep your eating in check. I’ve been planning 2 rest days a week on purpose and practicing eating less and sticking to healthy food choices on those days. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

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