Enjoyed the lonely WOD

I walked into the box and quickly scanned the room to see who was there.  There were a few individuals mid-WOD.  A few more just completed the WOD and were stretching and rolling out with the foam rollers.  No one warming up on the Air Dyne or rowing machine, no one sitting on the bench waiting for the 7pm class to start.

Hmm.. I was pretty sure I signed up for the last class of the day, which is the 7pm class.  Then that dreadful thought of “OMG.. maybe the last class of the day was 6:30pm and I completely missed it!”

I checked with my coach and it turns out that I was the only person signed up for the 7pm class.  There were a couple others who had signed up but cancelled.

So it was just me.  Last night’s WOD:

10 minutes – pull up work, target 24-32 reps 

5 rounds @ 90%

30 sec box jumps, 30 sec rest

30 sec goblet squats, 30 sec rest

30 sec row, 30 sec rest

REST for 10 minutes

5 rounds @ 90%

30 sec reverse dumbell lunges, 30 sec rest

30 sec kettle bell swings, 30 sec rest

30 sec bear crawl, 30 sec rest

With me being the only person there, I had the coach watching my form very closely.  It made me nervous but it was also nice to get feedback on my form and work on correcting my form.  It was also nice because it was like I had my own personal cheerleader.

It was definitely a tough work out and once I finished my last bear crawl, I just collapsed on the ground.. hehe.. It was a very good workout too and I enjoy the shorter periods of different exercises.  In my head I tell myself over and over again, if I can go through child birth and if I can run a half marathon, I can do 30 seconds of box jumps or goblet squats.  I find that I push myself harder because it’s only for 30 seconds and then I’m moving onto the next exercise.

My body is very sore today but I’m looking forward to today’s WOD.

Still struggling to eat clean, enjoying my food more than I should.  But in the end, there’s no competition and no hard date to have that six-pack, so I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I just need to start putting more effort with my clean eating.  And I must do more meal prep! AHH!!


2 thoughts on “Enjoyed the lonely WOD

  1. shaneatkinson82 says:

    Great job. I love being the only one putting in work sometimes. I say you do a meal prep blog each week, maybe that will assist in prepping foods that are cleaner yet leaves room for you to cheat with. Just a thought. I would do this, however I am blessed with a wife who does my meal prep. I only get to eat junk when she’s not home. (Shhh!)

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