a $5 flower bouquet would be so wonderful…

to surprise your significant other with.




(not sure why it’s displayed sideways.. anyway you can still see the beautiful colors)

Every Thursday near work, there’s a mini farmers market set up, fresh produce, homemade goodies and crafts.  I absolutely love stepping away from my desk to check out what’s available.  This week, I saw the above bouquet of flowers and for $5, just had to buy them.  Although not from my husband, I was still very happy to have the flowers at my desk for the rest of the day.

I had 4 coworkers (men) stopped by my desk to comment on the flowers and asked who I received the flowers from.  I told them I had picked up the flowers at the farmers market and then suggested “hey wouldn’t it be a great idea to pick up a small bouquet for [insert wife/significant others name here]?”  I could see the guys toy around with the idea of buying flowers but in the end, the simple answer for 3 out of the 4 guys was “Um.. nah”  With one coworker I even added “wouldn’t your wife who’s about to have your baby any day now, absolutely love to receive flowers?”  And sure enough the answer was “Oh yeah, she would.. but.. nah”

And the answer was pretty consistent with each and every guy I asked at work.  They knew that flowers would be a wonderful surprise, but all but one decided against picking up a small bouquet.  A 5 minute walk to/from the farmers market and $5… that’s all it would cost.  Nope.. still wouldn’t do it.

Here’s in the interesting thing.  For the one guy who did pick up a small bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend, although he was very hesitant, with enough of my persuading he went ahead with the surprise.  Did he get the results he was expecting when he gave his girlfriend the flowers?  Not exactly.  And that actually surprised me.  In my head I think every girl/woman out there would love to receive flowers, especially “just because” flowers, with the exception of those who may be allergic.  So to find out that his girlfriend had more of a “oh.. thanks” reaction, is very surprising to me.  Although he received a disappointing reaction, he can now make a mental note that “just because” flowers aren’t appreciated and if he should ever hear from her “why don’t you buy me flowers?”, he now has a valid answer.



2 thoughts on “a $5 flower bouquet would be so wonderful…

  1. leannenalani says:

    She could have at least shown some more appreciation for the thought. I think it’s pretty inconsiderate of people to make it obvious that they don’t care about a gift. The gift itself isn’t always the most important part of getting a gift, especially if it’s just because.
    On the other hand, flowers are nice but I think some people may associate them with “what do you want?” or “what did you do?” I know that’s not the case for everyone or even most people, but I’ve seen that kind of association in a lot of situations. I’ve had my own share of negative flower-giving experiences, though not in those contexts.

    • j! ayson says:

      I was disappointed to hear the reaction, but I think surprising her with flowers was totally out of character for him, so maybe she thought something was up.

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