Don’t know why.. but SQUATS make me nervous!!

And today’s WOD will include front squats and working towards a 2 rep max.  I definitely get more nervous about back squats, but for some reason, I’m feeling very nervous about doing front squats today.  Perhaps I’ve pretty much plateaued in terms of my weight and if I recall correctly, my weight was even less the past few weeks.  Although that’s only because the Rx weight was never a max weight.  Then again, even at % of max weight, I still remember struggling.  

I’m 100% sure that this is all in my head, and ever since I’ve started Crossfit, I’ve always struggled with squats, especially back squats.  My mind tells me it’s way too heavy even before I’ve given my body a chance to try.  Not a good place to be really, so we’ll see if I can push through this mental block later today.

Current 1 rep max for front squats: 105 lbs

I know I can do 95 lbs almost comfortably, so I’ll aim for at least 95 lbs.

Reverse foot elevated split squats are also in today’s WOD.  I find those really difficult as well.   We don’t do them often but I just find it to be awkward stance and often struggle with keeping my balance.

I’ve got half a day to get pumped up and get energized.  

How do you get pumped up and energized before a workout?



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