Crossfit games 2013 – amazing!

I’ve been doing Crossfit for almost 3 months and it’s safe to say that I’m absolutely addicted to it.  I enjoy it so much that when my daughter turned 6 this past Monday I was debating whether I’d have time to squeeze in a workout and knew I’d feel a little bad for missing a WOD. But we celebrated all evening so I never made it. 
With my new love for Crossfit I knew that I had to watch the Crossfit games.


Watching the athletes was so inspiring and mind blowing to think just how strong they are.
What I loved the most?! Watching Rich Froning (who finished 1st) complete the WODs and then go back to motivate and push the other athletes to finish strong.  Crossfit is the only sport where competitors cheer each other on.


Loved watching every event.  One day I’ll watch the games live.


2 thoughts on “Crossfit games 2013 – amazing!

  1. LoseItBig says:

    I tweeted the exact same thing. He gave me chills when he went back to cheer on his competitors. That is one of the things I like about my workouts…the “family” that help push me to get better.

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