Five Things Friday

It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday.  Didn’t look forward as much to this Friday though, due to the fact that I’ll be working a bit on Saturday and Sunday morning.  So what’s up for today’s Five Things Friday?

  1. I reached my goal of squatting (back squat) my body weight.  Today I hit my PR of 115lbs (3 reps).  It’s such a great feeling, considering last week when we did back squats I wasn’t feel well and managed to do 100lbs.  Even though I wasn’t feeling 100% I was still disappointed that I couldn’t increase in weight.  But YAY for today!
  2. My shoulder/neck is still causing a bit of pain.  I went for a massage this morning and she really worked on my back/shoulders and I do feel like she loosened up my muscles, but I still couldn’t do any pullups at Crossfit 😦
  3. My eating this week has been pretty good.  That is until lunch time today 😦  I love going out for lunch, especially on a Friday.  Today I decided to join my coworkers for lunch.  I had already eaten my lunch at my desk (quinoa, beans and grilled beef) and was feeling like having a bit more protein.  The guys decided to go to Shannon’s Irish Pub, which meant whatever I did end up having wasn’t going to be very “clean”.  It was SO tempting to order the fish and chips, but I knew I would have felt very bad afterwards.  I decided on the chicken fingers and fries.  I ate all 3 chicken fingers and munched on a small portion of fries.  Definitely not a wise-decision but I just didn’t want to feel left out at the lunch table.  Bad bad Jocelyn!  giving into social eating… must get better at that.
  4. Weather is scorching hot over here.  We’ve been hovering in the high 20s for the past couple of weeks.  Everyone at Crossfit is dripped in sweat with the high humidity.  We really need it to rain to get rid of the humidity in the air.
  5. I’ve enjoyed getting into shape and changing my physique. Even though I haven’t been watching my meals closely, I found my pants a bit on the looser side today.  A good thing and a bad thing actually.  Bad only because now I need to go shop (and spend $$) on new dress pants.  And actually I did try to shop for new pants while in Minneapolis last week, but actually found it very frustrating because alot of the stores carry size 2 as their smallest size, but even that was too loose for me.  I know.. not a problem I should be complaining about.  I’ll stop now.

After Crossfit, I pulled the kiddies in the wagon to the ice cream shop (15 min walk) and back.  So tired now.  Must get to bed so that I have energy for tomorrow’s 9am WOD.


One thought on “Five Things Friday

  1. leannenalani says:

    I’ve had the same problem shopping for pants. It’s funny when we can complain in the opposite direction. I used to hate trying on clothes because I wore a size 18. Now I have 00 work pants but I could only find that size in certain stores. The Limited is now my go-to place for nice work pants. I was disappointed that New York and Company only goes to 0. Of course at this very moment my 00’s don’t fit me because I gained those 10 pounds but they are coming off… Slowly.

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