Out of commission for 2 days..

.. Being sick sucks!

Not sure what it was, maybe it was something I ate at my sister’s birthday dinner Saturday night, but Sunday I woke up and just felt “off”.  I managed to eat a bit of oatmeal for breakfast, and even munched on a chicken finger and a few fries for an early lunch.  But after that, my stomach felt even more unsettled.  So for most of the afternoon, I stayed in bed, feeling very unsettled.. until.. well, I lost my breakfast and lunch.  It wasn’t pretty, but I gotta say, I felt better afterwards.  Still stayed in bed for the rest of Sunday though and I called in sick at work on Monday, and again spent alot of time in bed.  No appetite at all, which meant I had to cancel my Monday night Crossfit class.  Wasn’t very happy about that at all, but I knew there was no way I’d make it through a class if I wasn’t eating.

Today I’ve eaten breakfast (2 eggs and hashbrowns) and so far I’m feeling okay.  A slight headache, but that’s usually normal for days I’m in at work @ 6:30am.  I definitely need to drink alot of water today, the past couple days haven’t gone well in terms of staying hydrated, so that will be my number one goal today.  Drink water!  Can’t wait to be back at Crossfit tonight.

It’s amazing.. the last time I went to Crossfit was Saturday morning.  Had a great aerobic workout which consisted of:

1.1 mile run

5 rounds of: 10 box jumps, 15 wall balls, 90 single skips (30 double unders)

1.1 mile run

I haven’t even attempted a double under, so I stuck to the single skips.  Definitely need to invest in my own skipping rope so that I could practice at home.

Anyway, I missed last night’s workout, which means really I’ve been off for 2 days (Sunday/Monday) but it’s enough to make me miss Crossfit.  I’ll still make it out to 4 classes this week, but it doesn’t seem enough.  I want to get to 5 classes a week, that would be really great I think.

Friday night was a really good workout as well, we worked on our deadlifts, working towards our 1 Rep Max.  I managed to get to 165lbs, which is so exciting considering prior to joining Crossfit I never did deadlifts and was really intimidated by the idea of doing deadlifts.

After working on deadlifts, was a 1000m row.  Everyone had to write down their time.  I finished in 4mins 25 secs.  There were guys that were finishing in under 3 1/2 mins!  Crazy!  The first couple minutes went okay, I was feeling good.. strong.. I was thinking I’d finish in great time if I kept up with the pace.  Yeah, then I hit a wall and I slowed down significantly.  And it was really tough to get through the last 200m.  What’s great though is people around you are pushing you to keep going, telling you you’re doing a great job.  I’m still not used to hearing the motivation but I think I’ll get used to it soon.  

Back to the 1000m row, and actual the rowing machine in general.  In the past, whenever I saw rowing machines at the gym I would wonder who on earth would want to go on a rowing machine and what kind of workout could you really get out of a rowing machine?



It always seems like the cardio machine you went on, if you really didn’t want to work out.. hehe.. boy was I wrong.  Those things are definitely harder than they look and definitely will get your heart racing and the sweat dripping!  A great piece of cardio equipment, and definitely harder than the treadmill or the elliptical (in my opinion).

The place I go to – Sublime Strength and Conditioning, have a blog on their site, which they update a couple times a month, was really excited to read that we’re starting a new phase and here’s what it looks like:

Mon – Foundation: RDL + CrossFit fun, Building: Power Clean + CrossFit fun
Tue – Foundation: Single leg + aerobic intervals, Building: back squat + aerobic intervals
Wed – Foundation: Deadlift + CrossFit Fun, Building: REST
Thu – Foundation: REST, Building: Power Snatch + Anaerobic lactic capacity tester (Yay!)
Fri – Everybody: BENCH PRESS!!! + Aerobic intervals
Sat – Everybody: Squats + CrossFit fun with a friend or two

I’m currently working on Foundation, so not yet working on Power Cleans or Power Snatches, can’t wait til I move onto Building.  Not sure when that will happen though, I suspect that I need at least a few months working on Foundation before moving onto Building.  Can’t wait!

Oh, and I also need to start shopping for new shoes.  Maybe Crossfit-specific shoes.  For some odd reason, following my 1000m row, the arches in both of my feet were just killing me, and super tight.  A guy at class asked what was wrong, when he saw me rubbing my foot arches and I told him they felt really tight and sore.  He took a quick peek at the runners I had just taken off and suggested that perhaps I needed to buy a new pair of shoes, maybe a pair made for Crossfit.  He said I needed more flexibility in the sole of my runners.  

So yay!  A reason to shop!

Have you ever been on a rowing machine?  How did you find it?




3 thoughts on “Out of commission for 2 days..

  1. cathyo says:

    I felt the same way about the rowers. But now I know…they are torture at times! Everything at CrossFit is torture at some point! Have fun!

  2. leannenalani says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. That is the worst kind of illness. I remember rowing machines! My parents had an old-school one when I was a kid and I used to use it just because it was fun. Ok, to lose weight too but that didn’t work because I didn’t stick with it. lol Let us know what cross trainers you end up getting. Those types of shoes would probably be good for my Zumba workouts. Anything light that supports side to side movements.

  3. BarefootMarathonMomma says:

    Being sick is never fun but glad to hear that it didn’t last long. I don’t do well with the flu and turn into a giant child.

    I love rowing machines and wish I had one of my own. I used one for a month when I attended CrossFit and found it was a nice change in cardio work.

    I had to buy new shoes for Crossfit too and found that Nike Free 5.0 were a good transitional shoe. They are similar to a traditional runner but with a much lower drop. Plus they’re really cushy!

    19 Days till your 1st Marathon!! So excited for you and looking forward to hearing all about the experience.

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