My love/hate relationship with the Air Dyne bike and when it hurts.. KEEP GOING!

Today was a tough workout.. there were only 2 exercises on the board: front squats and the air dyne bike – 3 minutes ALL OUT!

First it was really exciting to work on my front squats.  Very intimidating to see the other girls lifting so much weight but I know in time I’ll get there.  Today I squatted 85lbs.  We’re supposed to go as high as our 2 rep max, and I’m sure I could have gone a bit heavier, but I really wanted to focus on my form.  So many things to think about, bar right by your neck, core tight, elbows out front, back on your heels.. oh and don’t forget proper breathing.  I know it time it will get easier and won’t take so much effort.  But I’m very happy with 85lbs, I think with back squats at home, I was only getting up to 75lbs.  So already there’s an improvement.

Next up was 3 minutes on the Air Dyne bike ALL OUT and then 10 minutes rest, for 3 rounds.  Sounds pretty simple right?  But these bikes.. ooh.. so deceiving!



At first when you start I’m thinking “all right.. arms and legs moving.. how hard can 3 minutes be?  I’ll push harder with my legs for the first minute, then use my arms more for the second minute and then back to legs for the third and final minute”  Yeah, definitely didn’t work out that way.  First minute isn’t that bad but by the time I hit 1.5 minutes I am thinking “when is this over?”  And of course the last 1.5 minutes is pure torture.  Once the three minutes is up, I cannot feel my legs.  I step off the bike and feel like my legs are going to collapse from underneath me.  It’s such a weird feeling, feeling like your legs can’t support you.  And all I want to do is sit down, but I can’t.  The lactic acid is building in my legs and I need to keep moving to flush it out.  Ten minutes of rest is pretty good but boy does it go fast when you’re trying to recuperate from the hard 3 minutes.  The last round was really tough, poor coach was standing next to me, pushing me hard, cheering me on.  And most people like that, need that motivation and push to go hard.  Me?  Not so much.  Hearing someone tell me to “GO, harder.. you can do it.. you’re almost there!” doesn’t really do that much.  I even told the coach “my hubby’s been pushing me hard for as long as I’ve known him and really it doesn’t help” hehe..  so the coach walked away for a bit, but came back to push me hard for the last 30 seconds.  Last 20 seconds he was yelling in my ear “finish strong!”  and you know what?  I gave it all I had and everything hurt and I was so glad when those 3 minutes were over.  

My legs were so wobbly that I couldn’t even kneel to the ground to start my stretching and foam rolling, it was so bad!  Trying to stretch my quads out didn’t really help so I tried my best to keep moving and walked around for a few more minutes.

One girl there asked me if I was a runner.  She said I had a “runners physique”.  I wonder what that means exactly?  And I hope it’s meant as a compliment.

Tomorrow I’m back at Crossfit and I’m hoping my legs have recovered from today’s workout.


3 thoughts on “My love/hate relationship with the Air Dyne bike and when it hurts.. KEEP GOING!

  1. cathyo says:

    that bike sounds crazy. i’ve never seen one, let alone been on one. I can just imagine how horrible 3 minutes on it would be! good job finishing strong….and good luck tomorrow! right back into the thick of it! 🙂

  2. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout says:

    The bike sounds intense! And I thought I was having it tough when my spinning instructor asked me to sprint for 48 seconds and then I wanted to vomit 😉 Any thoughts so far as to crossfit vs. running? Sounds like you’re aceing it!

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