Sometimes life gets busy…

And it’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since my last post. What have I been up to?
Work has been busy and I had to provide feedback on one of the contractors that works for me regarding his poor performance. Turns out they gave him his two weeks notice. Eek! I really didn’t expect that, I feel awful but at the same time relieved because I won’t have to rescue him on his projects when things get tough.
I’m trying hard to not feel bad, but it’s tough.
Running – not much of that happening. I haven’t made it out since my 9 mile run a couple Sundays ago. I was planning on going for a run thus past Sunday but couldn’t get motivated to lace up and go. This Sunday I’m aiming for a 10 mile run. If this goes okay, I’ll be ready for the half marathon on June 16.  I didn’t record my pace during the 9 mile run, so I don’t really know if I’m close to running a 9 min mile or if I’ve got a ways to go.  I know that we ran without stopping, and that’s very motivating for me.  If I have enough energy after my Crossfit classes this week, I’ll try to get some speed work done.  Although I’ve read online that Crossfit definitely can help with marathon training, esp in terms of cardiovascular health and endurance.  Plus my legs will be stronger.  Still debating on whether or not I should purchase a GPS watch so that I can measure my pace, esp since I do have a time goal for the 1/2 marathon.   I’ll have to make a decision soon.  And at the same time, I should restart my hunt for new running shoes.  After having no luck with the last 3 pairs I purchased, I sorta gave up.  But they’re definitely required still.
Crossfit – lots to learn and very challenging but I’m absolutely loving it. I love the small class size which allows the coach to watch our forms, to provide corrections and motivation. I feel like I’ve got a personal trainer which is awesome.  I don’t always do very well when someone is right in front of me, pushing me to keep going, so it will have to be something I get used to.  Did I ever mention the time I was giving birth to my 2nd baby and hubby was trying so hard to be motivating and encouraging.  He kept telling me I was doing great, to keep going.. stay focused.  But I had to tell him to just shut-up.. hehe.. I remember saying “I know you mean well.. but please.. stop talking.. I don’t want to hear your voice..” hehe..
Ultimately, my goal is to attend 4 classes a week and hopefully make it out for a 5th class.  It’s a bit aggressive, considering I’ll have to ask my parents to watch the kids during the 2 weeks that hubby is working in the evenings, but they’re really supportive (I’m so lucky) so they usually don’t mind when I have to run off to the gym.

I’m trying to stay focused on small progress and reminding myself that the strength will come in time.  This is extremely difficult for me because I have such little patience.  But I’m hoping to stay focused and motivated through the next few months.
Also changes in my physique will also take time.  First time taking a full back progress picture, definitely wasn’t easy to do, so this is the best one I took.  I really want to work on my back, to see more definition and lean out a bit more.  Aside from back, I also want to improve on my shoulders and legs.  I suspect with all the front squats, deadlifts and box jumps, my legs will definitely see an improvement, and I can’t wait!


Still eating clean most of the time but still enjoying a few treats.  Need to get back to cooking more meals at home.  Meal planning is almost non-existent right now, I just throw together a meal a few times a week.  Must get better at it.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes life gets busy…

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    Hellooo Joce 🙂 ! You have been a busy lady, but it sounds great (particularly CrossFit!). Which GPS are you tempted by? I’m sort of attracted to a Garmin but definitely not attracted to the price tag 😉 And well done with managing to take a back picture – I most definitely would have accidentally dropped the phone on the floor, nice one 😉 !

    • j! ayson says:

      I think I was looking at the Garmin 110? One of the less costly models. it’s definitely a nice to have, just struggling to justify the cost. Maybe because although I have time goals for the half marathon/full marathon, the big thing for me is to simply finish. I’m sure one day I’ll get the itch to spend some money and I’ll buy myself a watch. Next time I will have to ask hubby to take pictures for me, just feel a little shy asking.. sounds silly doesn’t it?

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