Such a good Sunday!

For the past week, I’ve been telling myself that I would be back outside running this weekend.  I didn’t make it out yesterday though.  I don’t even have an excuse, I just didn’t push myself to go and so last night, I had a little pep talk with myself to go out Sunday morning for my first run after an entire week of taking it easy.  I slept in a little but managed to get out of bed around 8:30am.  I quickly ate a slice of toast with peanut butter.. my running fuel.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel SO much anxiety before each run.  I think I feel more anxiety because I’m so nervous about the run and the possible pain I’m going to feel and not being able to go as far as I’d like.  And so for an entire 30 minutes this morning I just continued to build up the anxiety in my head, making me feel a bit sick to my stomach.  Definitely not healthy.  Before I headed out, I started thinking about the distance I would aim for.  I knew I wanted to do at least 5 miles, and I thought maybe 6 miles would be a good distance considering I haven’t run the entire week.  So hubby and I started our run.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning, sunny with a cool breeze.  We hit the 3 mile mark and I told him I was feeling pretty good, so we continued on.  I felt really good, hips/legs were a little tight (which I expected due to my lack of running) but I was enjoying the run.  We went for another 1.5 miles and then decided to turn back.  Although I was feeling great, I knew that it was still possible for the pain to start, so I didn’t want to be too far from home.  Our pace slowed down a bit near the end of our run but we made it!  And we actually ran without stopping for a walk break.  Even better!  And final distance?  Just shy of 9 miles! OMG.. when I got home and mapped the route onlne and saw that we had almost run 9 miles, I was ecstatic!  The pain didn’t appear although I am still feeling a little sore/tight.  I’m hoping with continued stretching today and tomorrow I’ll be ready for another run on Tuesday night.

It was the perfect way to start my Sunday, an almost pain free 9 mile run.  Now I know that I can definitely run the 1/2 marathon in June.  A part of me is thinking maybe I can still train for the full marathon but hubby is saying to just take it easy and not to push myself which would result in injury.  So I’ll continue to train for the 1/2 marathon, even hoping I can push myself to finish in less than 2 hours.  We’ll see about that one.  I know it’s an aggressive goal for me, but hey you never know.  If I can keep up with the Crossfit workouts for the next 4 weeks, maybe running a fast 1/2 marathon pace won’t be so hard!

Now I’m excited.. the 1/2 marathon is on, and Crossfit starts tomorrow with a foundation building class.  I’ll be going through various exercises like the front squat and deadlifts and proper form.

How did your Sunday go?