I survived my first Crossfit…

.. fitness test!! 

I had planned on going in for my Crossfit assessment earlier this week but they were booked up and this morning was the earliest that they could see me.  So I headed down at 7am, not really sure what to expect.  I wasn’t sure if this was a sit down assessment where they just ask me about my fitness goals, expectations of Crossfit, etc.  Or if there was going to be any fitness type tests.  So I made sure to wear my work out gear.  However, I didn’t eat breakfast and well.. that made things a little difficult during the fitness test part.

The first question on the assessment form asked what my goals were and to prioritize the top 3.  I have to admit I struggled a little bit with this one.  But in the end these were my goals:

  1. Gain strength but maintain muscle mass (not really looking to gain too much muscle)
  2. Have fun and stay healthy
  3. Help with endurance sports (marathons, etc..)

So after I filed out my portion of the assessment form, he went to check my flexibility and mobility.  Kyle (coach) was surprised at my flexibility.  I had told him I was training for the marathon and was running quite a bit and also did some weight lifting, and I guess he didn’t think I’d be as flexible as I was because I was a runner.

Kyle thought I did well with the flexibility and mobility.  He then showed me some different stretches to do following my warm up and then came the fitness test.

Kyle indicated that it was a 5 minute fitness test and the exercises were:

  • airdyne bike – 2 minutes or 40 calores
  • 40 air squats
  • 30 sit ups
  • 20 push ups 
  • 10 pullups (unassisted) <– this was actually very intimidating to even see on the list!!

In my head I was thinking “ok.. 5 minutes.. can’t be that hard? right?”

SO WRONG! hehe.. 

I went hard for the first minute on the bike.. actually surprised that the calorie count didn’t go up as fast as I thought it would.. hehe.. I quickly realized that I’d hit the 2 minute mark before the 40 calories.  Going into the 2nd minute, my pace slowed down and I was TIRED! hehe.. Kyle was there pushing me through (which is good and bad.. hehe) and the last 10 seconds seem to go on forever.. but I finished.  But as soon as I was done, I had to move on to the 40 air squats.  OMG… my legs were so tired after the 2 minute bike ride.. how was that possible?  I thought I was in good shape! hehe..

Anyway the first 20 squats were hard, the second 20.. even harder.. and I was going at a snail’s pace.  But again, I pushed through (with the help of Kyle’s encouragement) and moved on to the situps.  I think I got to 24 situps and the 5 minute timer went off.  So I didn’t make it to the pushups or pullups.. can’t imagine how many pullups I’d even be able to do when I was already so winded and tired from the first 2 exercises!  

And I tell ya, that was a very intense 5 minute!  Kyle recommended that I walk to one end of the gym and back to cool down.  But I could barely stand!  I’ve never experienced it before, when my knees were ready to give out!  My legs were so tired!  I could barely do the cool down walk, I was definitely wobbly! 

I even had to lay down afterwards, not so much that I was tired over all and had to catch my breath, but I just had to get off my feet.  

I had to ask Kyle if every class would be that intense and he assured me that future classes would not be as intense, and it was only for the fitness test to capture a performance baseline.

I was walking pretty slowly to the car, but I survived and I’m now here at work. 

I signed up for a Foundation class for Monday, where Kyle will walk me through front squats, dead lifts and some of the other main exercises.  Before I left, he asked me if I was interested in Olympic lifting, and I told him I was but didn’t think I could do it, but again he assured me that I could and it would just be a matter of building that foundation.

So as of now, I haven’t signed up for a membership, I’ll do that after Monday, as long as I survive the class. 

This weekend I’ll be going out for a couple short runs, so I hope that goes well.  I haven’t gone for a run all week, really taking it easy, which means this next run is going to be a tough one.  But my plan is to take the next 4 weeks to build up to 10 miles so that I have a chance at the 1/2 marathon on June 16th.  Ultimately the goal would be a sub 2-hr 1/2 marathon, but I’ll play that by ear.


5 thoughts on “I survived my first Crossfit…

    • j! ayson says:

      When I first saw the training plan at the Running Room for the full marathon clinic, it consisted of 5 runs a week. I knew that with that amount of training, I wouldn’t have the energy or time, to put into Crossfit. I’ve heard that Crossfit can help with marathon training, it helps with endurance. So I’m sure a balance between the two can be made.

  1. Leapin Lizardz says:

    That sounded like my first time too!!! :). Great job! I started in August of last year and haven’t stopped sice!

  2. cathyo says:

    Awesome job! The fitness test is killer but a good benchmark. Can’t wait to hear how Monday goes. I’m off to the box in a bit for my 5:30 class. I’m sure I will e in pain after. 400m walking Lunges with barbells. Wish me luck! LOL

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