New goals..

It’s been a few days since I’ve last blogged.  What’s been going on?

Not much.. definitely no running.  I took the entire week off and today I finally made it out for a short 3 mile run.  It felt pretty good, and I didn’t run long enough to know if the pain would have returned.

I’ve accepted the reality that physically I can’t run the full marathon in June.  However, I have a plan.  I will be taking it easy (running-wise) for the next 2 weeks, and will try to build up my mileage and speed with the goal to run a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon in June.  I’m not 100% sure yet if this is a reachable goal, it will depend on if I can heal from this minor injury.  But I’m trying to stay hopeful.  And I’ll take it one run at a time.

Next, a couple more goals to work towards before my birthday in September.

1st goal:  Squat my body weight

2nd goal:  Unassisted pull-up

Those to me are very ambitious goals.  But again, I have a plan.  This week I will be inquiring and hopefully signing up for CrossFit!! woo hoo!!  I’m nervous and very excited.  The monthly membership fee is definitely more than I’m comfortable with ($150/month) but it just means less lunches out, and really watching those small expenses.  I really want to make this happen and I really want to get strong! oh yeah!! 

Hopefully sometime this week, I’ll be able to report that I have joined and have completed my first few classes.  I do want to make the most of my membership so I will have to (nicely) ask my parents to watch the kiddies a few extra nights each week.

So I’m still bummed about not being able to run the full marathon, but I’m looking forward to the new goals and can’t wait for the challenge.


4 thoughts on “New goals..

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    Hey Joce, sorry to hear that you’ve had to postpone your marathon but it really sounds like you are doing the best thing for your body. I’m so excited to hear about CrossFit experience (I had never heard of it before blogging but kept seeing it popping up everywhere, it sounds awesome!) and I reckon the challenge will be just as rewarding as running 🙂

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