And the verdict is…

possibly a stress fracture 😦

Spent 5 hours at the Minor Injury Sports Clinic this morning.  I was frustrated at the fact that I had to even go to the clinic, but even more frustrated yesterday when I couldn’t go yesterday due to my work load.  So I went this morning.  And it was a painful wait.

They took an xray and it wasn’t an obvious stress fracture (doctor mentioned that a microscopic stress fracture wouldn’t show clearly in an xray) but he suspected that it is a stress fracture.

His recommendation?  Just take it easy.  If it hurts when I run 5 miles, then just run 4 miles.  He also suggested biking and swimming in the meantime, although I’m not sure how that would help me with my marathon training.

Have I given up?  Nope not yet.  I’m still trying to figure out what I can do to so that I can still run the marathon on June 16th.  Alot of people are telling me to reconsider my goals.  Even my running room clinic instructor sent out an email mentioning “for those individuals who may have missed some runs.. now it the time to reconsider your race goals”     😦 

I’m really bummed right now but I’ll figure something out.

Maybe it’s time to finally start CrossFit!


3 thoughts on “And the verdict is…

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    Ah that is such a big big shame. Perhaps it is time to reconsider your goals (but only when you’re ready!) as it would be more of a bummer if you damaged yourself more long term for a short victory. Plus ‘reconsider’ doesn’t have to mean end your dreams, just delay them?

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